Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elias, Silas & George are all 1st cousins, but Joseph F and Joseph III are first cousins once removed. Elias is my 3rd Great Grandpa

Elias Smith Sr. the Son of Asael Smith Jr.who was the brother to Joseph Smith Sr.
Silas S. Smith Jr. the Son of Silas Smith who was the brother to Joseph Smith Sr.
George Albert Smith Sr. the son of John Smith the brother of Joseph Smith Sr. & father of George Albert Smith

Joseph Smith III the son of Joseph Smith Jr. and the Grandson of Joseph Smith Sr.

Joseph F. Smith the son of Hyram Smith and the Grandson of Joseph Smith Sr.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Old Were They When They Died???

Elias Smith Died in 1888 Age 84

Lucy Brown Smith Died in 1895 Age 74

Amy Jane King Smith Died in 1913 Age 77

Fred Smith in 1918 Age 38

His wife Martha L. Plumhof in 1923 Age 40

Elias "Lyle" Allen Smith in 1928 Age 13

Benjamin Ralph Smith in 1930 Age 5

William "Bill" Smith Died in 1931 Age 19

Silas Thomas Smith in 1931 Age 74

Ida Leaonara Pitt in 1931 Age 73

Archie Raymond (Daisy's)in 1938 Age 54

Leonora "Nora" Cornelia

Clara Gritten Smith in 1965

Don Pitt Smith in 1966

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bonnie, Kathy with Macey, Riley, Ashton Emilee with Conner at the 2002 Olympic games park

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ronnie, Gary, Barbara Gene & Bonnie Rae

Grandma Pace and my mom in Hanna, Ut

That's my mom just left of the high chair, I think the others are Cousin Ronnie, Gary and Diane. Baby could be Blaine E. Pace

Gary, Diane & Bonnie down on the farm.

Gary, Diane & dog Tipp.

Gary & Bonnie Pace

Elias "Lyle" Allen Smith This is the same great uncle who died around this age of 13.

Maxine Bishop Smith

Fred, Ruth (Friend) Butch & Maxine

Don "Fred" Smith

Don P. Sam (Willaim S.) Daisy and Butch Smith 1958

Daisy, Butch, Claira, Marjory Ward (Harvey Ward's Wife) 1958

Curt Pace

My grandpa Pace